Why Is Hervey Bay Such A Popular Holiday Spot?

Want to spend your next vacation among the picturesquely beautiful landscapes of Hervey Bay? The natural bay is surely a paradise for travellers, and also famous for the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island & fantastic whale watching tours that provide an opportunity to get real close to Humpback whales. There are also plenty of facilities providing excellent resort accommodation and they are complete with exquisite gardens, vast courtyards, comfortable apartments, swimming pools, BBQ areas and more.

If you will be travelling from within Australia, you can either use commercial flight or rent a car. Currently, a couple of primary train stops connect Hervey Bay to other places – the Tilt Train and the Sunlander, both of which run between Cairns and Brisbane. If you have a ride of your own, you will need to drive for about 3.5 hours to reach Hervey Bay. By air, it will take you approximately 45 hours to get there.

In case you are worrying about what the weather is like in the city, there is no need for you to break a sweat. The region has a subtropical climate, which means that it never experiences extremes of temperature either in summer or winter. Besides that, rainfall is also not very high, and the skies remain clear for most of the year.

What Hervey Bay abounds the most in, is attractions & activities. For anglers, there is the special Hervey Bay Sport Fishing that offers guided angling under the supervision of Andrew, who has extensive knowledge about local conditions suitable for catching trophy fish. Another iconic ‘must’ for any ‘to-do list’ is a visit to Reefworld Aquarium, which has become the favourite of international travellers and locals alike. Then there is the best attraction of all, Hervey Bay Skydiving, which offers a spectacular view of Fraser Coast.

The waters surrounding this beautiful region houses various forms of aquatic life, including dugongs, dolphins and turtles. The golden beaches stretching for over 14 kilometres are completely safe and ideal for children to play. There is absolutely no running out of things to do and partake in – from adrenaline pumping water sports to relaxing on the unspoilt sands.

Holiday Mood

Being an affordable and unique holiday spot, Hervey Bay provides a cheerful amalgamation of lifestyles. Irrespective of what your likes and preferences are, there is definitely something that this bay has got to offer, which you are bound to fall in love with.


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