The Advantages Of Colorbond Fences

Colorbond is a specialised form of steel fencing that is widely preferred by most of the homeowners in Australia. It has been used for over forty years in different construction applications. Colorbond fencing easily outperforms other types of fencing like timber, wrought iron, wood, etc. It provides enhanced security, privacy and style to the homeowner along with utmost functionality. This type of fencing is ideal for front and side barriers.

Some common advantages of Colorbond fences:

Colorbond Fence DurabilityColorbond fences are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. The fences are made from top quality galvanised steel, which is further covered with sturdy and long lasting paints. They are water, rust & fire-proof, and can never be infested by termites or other insects.

Warranty –
Quality Of Fence
Manufacturer of these steel fences provide a minimum of ten years warranty on the rails, posts and infill sheets. Thus, it makes great sense when you consider to install such a fencing product in your residential or commercial property.

Variety of Colour Options –
Colorbond Fence
Generally, Colorbond fences comes in fourteen different colours including Merno, Mist Green, Primrose, Slate Grey, etc. With all these colours available, you can mix, match and decorate your fencing uniquely.

Style –
Colorbond Fence
One of the main reasons behind Colorbond’s popularity is its style and design. The steel fences provide you with a variety of color, shape and design options. This means that you can easily fulfill your fencing requirements depending on the geographical conditions. They provide a stunning look wherever they are installed. Another advantage of these fences is they do not have a front or back side.

Security and Privacy – 
Colorbond FenceIf you live next to curious neighbours, installing these steel fences are a good idea. They would secure your home and the pool area from the prying eyes of neighbours and also any criminal offender. The specialised steel fences are the perfect barrier to guard your family and property for effective security.

Environment Friendly – 
Colorbond Fence
Colorbond fences are absolutely recyclable. They result in very less scraps during installation work. And as the material is termite proof, you do not need to apply chemicals on it for treatment.

On the whole, Colorbond fences are the best materials for all kinds of building designs. They do not have any geographical specifications and their various advantages shows that they are the best fencing option out there.


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