Different Types Of CCTV Camera

It’s important to select the right CCTV camera for the perfect location and application, as well as effective surveillance of your premises.

In today’s market, there are lots of CCTV cameras available with a number of different features and options. This often results in confusion for a casual buyer. How will you understand which one is the best?

Here Are 8 Different Types Of CCTV Cameras :

Dome CCTV Camera

This is the most common type which is used for indoor security and surveillance purposes. It got its name from the dome-shaped casing in which it sits. These casings are designed to make the device unobtrusive. They also make it difficult to ascertain the direction of the lens, and thus, are ideal for tracking criminals.

Bullet CCTV Camera

This one has a long, cylindrical & tapered shape and really looks like a bullet. It is used in applications which require you to survey a large area. The camera cannot be paned, tilted or zoomed but instead is used to capture images from a fixed location, pointing towards a particular area.

C-Mount CCTV Camera

The lenses of this can be detached to fit different applications. Lenses of standard options can only cover distances between 35 to 40ft, but in the case of these devices, it is possible to use special lenses, which cover distances of more than 40ft.

Day/Night CCTV Camera

This thing has the distinct advantage to capture images both in normal and poorly-lit environments. It is somewhat similar to a night vision camera. It does not have infrared illuminators because it can capture clear video or images in various light conditions. This type of camera brings high range of security to a household and can be installed by a security agency’s cable installer in Kununurra.

Network/IP CCTV Camera

It is available for both wired and wireless applications, which transmit images over the Internet. It compresses the bandwidth so that the web does not get overwhelmed. The installation of IP camera is very easy compared to analog variant because it does not require a separate cable to run.

Wireless CCTV Camera

Now, don’t think that every wireless camera is IP-based. There are some which use alternative modes of wireless transmission.

High-Definition HD CCTV Camera

High-definition cameras are the best for banks, casinos and high security areas. It gives the benefit of zoom with extreme clarity and clear images.

If you want to install any of these in your property, contact a security firm in Kununurra and give your family members an upper hand when it comes to safety.
Different Types Of CCTV Camera



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