Mats Are A Crucial Aspect Of Frames

Want to know which is the easiest thing to use for making your framed photo look astounding? Use a mat. To bring a popping effect on the picture, mats are more than perfect. If you are not much familiar with mats and don’t know where to start from, here are the basics about matting.

Mats can be advantageous in three ways:

  • Help you overcome framing problems
  • Provide additional ways of creativity
  • Make your photograph stand out from others

A Closer Look

One of the main objectives of mats is to provide flexibility to select a frame which looks attractive, instead of choosing one that is based on a specific frame size. A photo or artwork often unfits in a standard picture frame. This often requires to either crop the picture or force you to customise. Mats are also an effective way of combining multiple photos as a collage.

Mats are available in precut sizes to match with standard frames. You can get one from any reputed place offering picture framing services in Harvey. Photo mats are an effective way of expressing creativity in a photo frame through decoration and customisation. Another major benefit of photo mat offer is that they prevent your picture from getting damaged by temperature or moisture. Anytime you have an irreplaceable picture or art in a frame, you never want it to lay flat against the glass because the print can permanently stick to it. If you use a mat, the mat will create a thin space between the glass and picture allowing to breath and prevent it from adhering to the glass. Another important tip to avoid damaging your picture frame is to use an archival mat. An archival mat is acid free in order to prevent photo degradation.

Precut Mats

Precut mats are easy to get and come in a variety of sizes and colours so you’ll be sure to find one that looks great. However, if a picture comes in a non-standard size, then you may need a custom mat.

And last but not least, mats can make you a photo genius. They give you the unique ability to emphasize colours, add drama and bring attention to specific elements in your picture. You can even change the tone or feeling of your picture by using mats of different colors, textures and sizes.

Adding mats can be one of the simplest things you can do to make your photographs stand out and leave your friends wondering how you learned to be such a great photographer.


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