Is A Fire Alarm Test Necessary?

Do you know why experts recommend to inspect your security system through a fire alarm company?

To ensure safety, every building must follow standards from the Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) for fire alarm testing. This is a basic requirement for every property to maintain safe occupancy. Most of the property owners have negative views on the fire inspection process, mainly because they do not recognise the significant benefits of it. Testing and inspection determine whether the fire protection products installed in your commercial or residential building meet minimum performance criteria as per the standards.

The DFES sets strict guidelines for the maintenance, installation and performance of fire alarm systems in Kununurra. By following the local fire code and inspecting through certified security services you can ensure that all the fire alarm systems are operating at optimum efficiency.

What Is Involved In The Fire Alarm Testing?

Fire tests are generally scheduled after the work (if it is a commercial building) to have the smallest interruption to your business. A qualified technician makes a comprehensive list of the installed devices before the inspection begins. The survey process includes visual inspections, mass notification, time of reaction, etc. After the inspection is completed, the owner receives a comprehensive safety report of the entire building or floor. The inspection can be done annually, bi-annually, or as per the requirement depending on the time of the owner.

What Are The Benefits Of Fire Alarm Testing?

  • Safe working environment for employees
  • Improved resale value of your building
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Risk mitigation from fire loss
  • Avoiding fire code violation
  • Reducing fines from false alarms

Hiring The Right Company

Fire alarm inspection is done by almost every company in WA, But, most of them may perform the test without having a license. So, don’t get fooled. They may cost cheaper but often risk lives. So, how will you know if a company’s technician is qualified to do the fire testing? Search their credentials on the Internet. Some of the security services in Kununurra have the certifications to service fire and life-safety equipment. A renowned company can offer various other security services apart from the testing, including installing CCTV cameras, controlling crowd, mobile patrols, providing armed guards, data cabling, etc.

Fire alarm systems are designed to protect individuals, property and other assets essential to operate business. Thus, you must care for them.


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