Easy Halloween Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Are you wondering what can be the finest Halloween decoration in this year? With the auspicious occasion just a few weeks away, it’s officially time to get started and make your home ready for some ghoulish fun. Pumpkin carvings and decorations with cobwebs are too traditional nowadays. People are finding new items for decorations to celebrate Halloween on a whole new spooky level. Try out these DIY crafts to make your house really eerie.

Swarm At The Door

You Need: Drop cloth, acrylic spray paint and toys, gift wrap, thumbtacks, scissors, hardware gardening cloth, parchment paper, glue, fishing line and duct tape.

What To Do: On a surface, spray the tops of the acrylic toys with two to three light coats of paint (black and white is the most preferable). Make sure that you do not paint the undersides. Remember, top quality acrylic toys may not be available in the market. You need to customise them from a reputed plastic fabrication team in Sydney. The toys are not much costly, but are definitely durable. This means you can also keep them for the next year’s decoration.

Use a gift wrap to make the swarm template. Fix it to the door, and draw as per the desired shape. Use this template to cut the hardware cloth. Cover the work surface with parchment paper and place the hardware cloth on top. Now, arrange the toys on the cloth and simply glue them down.

Box Bat

You Need: Box, glue, black wrapping paper, knife, battery-operated tea lights, white paper circles, pink paper, double-sided tape.

What To Do: Cut the top of box and flip it over. Use a stick to cover the sides and bottom with black wrapping construction paper. Now, mark spots for eyes two inches apart. With a knife, cut an X for each eye and then widen each of the holes to measure 3/8 inch across. Insert battery-operated tea lights into the box so that the eyes look glowing and scary.

Spider Nests

You Need: White stocking, white stuffing, glue, black acrylic spiders (customised from plastic fabricators).

What To Do: Stuff a white stocking with same colured stuffing. Hang it from a curtain rod or hook. Glue black spiders on the stocking.

Apart from these interesting DIY decorations, you can also opt for various acrylic items made from the plastic fabrication team. All you need to do is find a fabricator who can provide you with the best quality of acrylic.


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