What Are Shadow Box Frames?

If you’re looking for an easy way to display your pictures and a few special souvenirs then a shadow box is your solution. But what exactly are shadow boxes?

Shadow boxes offer a great way to display various pictures and collectibles instead of keeping them hidden and protected in a box or chest. They are a great option for different memorabilia. It allows you to enjoy your favorite mementos while keeping them clean and protected. They allow you to capture memories of special occasions like the first gift from your spouse, childhood memories, weddings, graduations and many other kinds of cultural & religious celebrations.

Extremely Versatile

Shadow box frames are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and depths depending on the type of item you want to accommodate. They are available with most picture framing services in Collie. Standard shadow box frames come in typical square or rectangular shapes and can be easily found with depths from half inch to 1/3 quarter inch. Shadow box frames can be displayed anywhere on a flat surface or hanged on a wall.

Here are a few ideas for unique displays using a square 12×12 shadow box frame.

  • Athletic Medals : A sampling of individual medals won at competitions along with a few pictures. Medals can be stitched to backing. Great way to create a memorable keepsake rather than storing them in an old store box.

  • Shell Collection : You can create a collection of unique small shells from a sampling of beaches. Use push pins to hold the shells firmly.

  • Big News Events : Display newspaper clippings which you like the most. You can also store tickets, pictures and other small items from big media events like a presidential election or death of a famous person.

  • Wildflower Collection : Create a beautiful selection of native wildflowers and have them identified. Used tacks to secure the flowers.

  • Remembering The Honeymoon Trip : Display a variety of different shaped pictures, souvenirs, airline tickets, special receipts and other small items that bring back the memories of a special time.

  • Exhibit A Collection Of Key Rings : You can use push pins to act as hangers for most light weight key rings or for heavier ones you can stitch them to the backing.

  • Political Memorabilia : Political memorabilia can be anything from pictures, badges, autographs and other collectible items.

Memorabilia looks heart touching if stored in a customised shadow box frame. Consult your needs with the best framing services in town to get the best material.
What Are Shadow Box Frames


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