4 Key Elements Of An Attractive Frame

Getting an attractive presentation of frames on the wall is neither rocket science nor a DIY project. Of course, the most abstract fact is that imagination and creativity can make all the difference in the final results.

1. Colour Of The Picture Frame :
One of the biggest design mistakes that most people make is allowing the frame to take the visual interest away from the art. Colour selection is one of the most important and sometimes misunderstood elements of any framing design. It has been seen that people incorporate their favourite colour in the frame. This must not be the case, as it’s not about the colour you like. Focus should be primarily on the artwork instead. The colour of the frame must be chosen according to the subject that needs to be framed. Contact skilled picture framing services in Harvey to get the best idea about picture framing.

2. Scale For Picture Frames :
Have you ever imagined as to why clowns riding tiny bicycles look funny? Because the bicycles and riders are wildly out of proportion with one another. The same thing can happen to your artwork if you don’t pay proper attention to the scale when choosing a framing design.

The scale of the frame and the width of the mat must be matched based on the visual strength and scale of the art. Large pieces need large frames and wider mats so the artwork does not look spindly or crowded. Special care must be taken with delicate pieces since they can be overwhelmed by frames that are too dark or too large.

3. Style Of Frames :
Framing a modern geometric abstract in a gold Victorian frame is not going to do justice to the artworks. This means style of the frames play a key role. For instance, if it is a historical artwork, framing it in a traditional woodwork frame with decorative designs can actually increase the perspective. In the same manner, a modern art must be framed in acrylic or bespoke frames. Sometimes mixing styles can be very interesting.

Style Of Frames

4. Patterns And Textures Of Picture Frames :
You don’t have to be a great aesthete of wood to realise that the different grains and textures of a moulding have a huge influence on its overall appearance. For example, the rough grain of an oak frame is often best suited for casual, outdoor pictures. On the contrary, the texture of a maple frame, has a completely different feel to it. Today there are a wide variety of textured frames available to match different artworks.

Once all of these elements come together, you’ll probably reach the end of a successful framing journey.
4 Key Elements Of An Attractive Frame


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