What Are The Causes Of Hard Disk Failure?

A hard disk can crash at any time forming a nightmare for the user. There are no such definitive signs of an HDD crash (especially for an amateur user). However, common symptoms before a hard disk failure are “blue-screen” or complete freeze of the system for a certain period.

Much like a car, a hard disk is also a mechanical device. Apart from it, most of the other components in the computer are purely electronic and can be damaged only through electronic failures. A hard disk is the only device which is subjected to both electronic and mechanical stresses.

Why Do Hard Disks Crash?

Sixty percent of HDD failures occur due to mechanical failure or misuse. However, it can also occur due to:

  • Severe damage brought to your computer while it is running
  • The electric motor that spins the platter fails due to bad bearings
  • The air filter might have got clogged or not working properly
  • Extreme heat causing the electronic circuit board to fail
  • Sudden power failure when the disk is writing

Types Of HDD Failure

There are two types of hard drive failure – logical and physical.
Physical failures are caused due to malfunctioning electric motor or the moving parts of the drive.
Logical failures are caused due to corruption in the file system. By any means, if you delete an important entry in the register or format the drive improperly, it is a sign of logical failure to your hard disk. It can also happen due to virus infestation in your system. In such a case, the BIOS will recognise the drive, but it won’t boot. Contact a computer installation company as soon as possible if you experience a hard disk failure.

What are the probable signs of hard drive failure?

  • Grinding and clicking noises while running the system
  • Mysterious disappearance of files (usually more than one)
  • Getting locked during boot process
  • The computer freezes
  • System taking a lot of time to open even a small file
  • Increased number of bad sectors when running chkdsk
  • Your computer gets hot without any reason

Can you recover data from a failed hard drive?

Yes you can. But unfortunately, recovering data from a failed hard drive isn’t as simple as in a normal situation. Professional help is definitely recommended.

You must contact a reputed hard disk installer to help you retrieve important documents from it.


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