How To Welcome The New Year With Kids?

At last it’s the month of December, and the year 2017 is all set to bid us “good-bye”. So, with many good experiences, it’s time to bid adieu to the present year and welcome 2018 with warmth. People around the world are busy preparing for celebrations. Some are planning to go on vacations, whereas some others are arranging parties and events. However, there are some people who want to spend and welcome the New Year only with their family members. And if you are such a family person, then make sure to plan something for your kids too, so that they can enjoy the occasion equally with happiness. Some of the most simple yet unique ideas to welcome the New Year with your lil’ champs have been discussed below –

1. Go for a day out – Spending a full day with family members can create a lot of memorable experiences. Hence, plan a day out with your kids either on the last day of 2017, or the first day of 2018. Go to the park with them. Let them enjoy the day to the fullest.

Family Day

2. Bake a cake together – Baking or cooking together is an interactive fun activity that can strengthen the bond of a family. It creates many fun filled memories as well. Cooking or baking is also considered as one of the best learning activities for children. Hence, because it’s all about new year celebration, having a cake at the end of a meal is definitely a must. So you can try to make a New Year Special cake along with your kids. If you are successful then congrats, and if you are not, then don’t worry. Simply order custom cakes from any local cake maker in Brisbane.


3. Go for dinner – Who doesn’t want to have a dinner night with their dear and near ones, and that too on the eve of new year? If you are not a party person, and want to start the new year countdown along with your family members, then go out and have the dinner together at any local restaurant. However, make sure to book the table of your preferred restaurant at least a month before the holidays, because it becomes harder to make reservations at any restaurant, especially at peak times.

Dinner With Family

Family can make beautiful times, hence create long lasting memories on the first day of the year, and live those moments for a lifetime.


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