A Brief Guide To Icing & Frosting Used On Cakes

There are many types of cakes available out there, with different shapes, tastes, textures & layers. But people often feel perplexed when it comes to choosing between icing and frosting? To know this, you must have a sound idea about both.

What are frosting and icing?

Frosting and icing are two different types of fillings and glazes that basically taste sweet. They are mixtures of sugar and other ingredients to coat, fill, add flavour and improve the texture and appearance of the cake. Usually they are applied on baked cakes like cupcakes, cookies and pastries.

The goal of frosting or glazing is to make a cake look and taste smooth while keeping the crumbs out. Sometimes, they are also added as a shield to protect the freshness in a baked dessert. They keep the cake fresh for at least a couple of days, depending on the type of frosting or icing used.

So which one is the best, an icing or a frosting?

Actually, it’s useless to debate this. Frosting and icing both provide the same effect and taste, however, it depends on the ingredients of the cake. Sometimes they are also portrayed as same.

Well, the basic difference between the two is, frosting appears relatively thick, sometimes fluffy which is used to fill or spread over a cake. On the contrary, icing is typically white, with a thinner consistency and is generally drizzled or poured over cakes to give a shiny and smooth coating. The basic requirement for both is to make them thick enough to adhere to the cake being coated, while also keeping them soft enough to be spread easily.

Three main purposes of frosting

Frosting adds richness and flavour to the cake besides creating an allure for the viewers.

It improves the appearance of the cake, thus making it more interesting with beautiful decorations. This is the reason why most of the wedding cakes are coated with distinctive frosting and fillings.

Frosting can also improve the quality of the cake by forming a layer and sealing the moisture and flavour inside.


Icing is usually used to glaze pastries and cakes, but appears the same as frosting. It is also formed with sugar. To make the cake more fluffier, both icing and frosting are used. Generally icing is applied at the top of the frosting.

Well, if you are still not aware of this concept, it’s better to buy cakes as per your requirement from a professional cake maker in Brisbane.


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