Recovering Permanently Deleted Files From Recycle Bin

Nothing can be so maddening when you delete your important files accidentally. What, surprising is, you can still recover deleted files from the recycle bin without having to install a software. Yes, this is possible. Let’s take a look how.


In a Windows computer, recovering deleted files from the recycle bin can be executed easily by following these simple steps:

  • Right click on the folder of recycle bin
  • Select “Restore previous versions”
  • The files that are deleted will be restored again.

However, if this do not helps follow the second method.

Sometimes “Restore previous Versions” may not appear depending on the operating system. In such cases you need to go to the control panel and turn on the system protection.

  • Click on System & Security> System> System Protection
  • The available drives will then appear with corresponding protection
  • Select the particular drive in which the files was and the click on configure
  • After this step you will see “restore system settings and previous versions of files”. Click on “OK” button
  • The particular file which is deleted will then be recovered.

Important Tips

Remember, this process is only applicable if your system has not been attacked by virus and malware. You need to determine whether the files has been deleted accidentally or suddenly without your notice. If the files getting deleted without your notice consider to call data recovery team from Bunbury. Such type of incident generally occurs when the virus in your system get access to the Internet. However, it has been seen that there are some malwares that keep deleting your valuable files even without the access of Internet.

Such malwares get a source to your computer when you download any application or software. There are some software which come in packed folders (RAR files). When you unpack the folder and install it, the harmful malware gets an easy path to your system. They keep corrupting your files and a result when the system do not recognise them, the files automatically gets deleted.

Offline Viruses

Internet is not the only way through which viruses can enter. Your system becomes prone to virus attacks if an external disk (hard drive, pen drive, SD card) contains such harmful components. However, these are not much problematic if you have an antivirus software installed in the computer. Remember, not to install a free version which is available on the Internet. When it comes to antivirus, you should always choose a paid version which is usually available with a professional data recovery team.

Contact A Professional Data Recovery Team In Bunbury

Whether it’s accidental or not hiring a computer repairing team always proves to be beneficial in cases of emergencies.


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