Important Elements of Picture Framing

Picture framing is the service that involves decorative edging of a photograph or painting. It can enhance the picture, protect it or make it easy to display. It can serve as a focal point in a room by offering the much-needed finish to the piece. There are many companies that offer picture framing services in Collie. Make sure the company you choose considers the important elements of picture framing when offering their services.  The important elements include:

  • Choosing the right frame colour

Choosing the right frame colourThis is one of the most important elements of picture framing. A lot of professional companies make the mistake of allowing the frame to take the pictorial interest away from the art. This should not be the case. The framing must add to the complete presentation of the art and not steal the entire show. The choice of colour is thus vital and it is important to note here that mat colour is best for picture framing. The mat colour, which coordinates with the background colour of the art, is to be used.

  • Making the right choice when it comes to frame styles

Making the right choice when it comes to frame stylesA lot of times many companies use frames that do not do justice to the picture. For example, once a company used a Victorian style gold frame for a modern geometric abstract in a room and a shiny metal frame for a frilly womanly figure while framing. Usually, the overall style, feel and period of the art give hints regarding the kind of frame that can be used. A company that understands which frame style is appropriate for which picture, it is that company that needs to be considered for framing services. The company should also offer custom picture framing services in order to match the frame with the interior décor of the room.

  • Opting for the right glass as it matters a lot

Opting for the right glass as it matters a lotWhen a photograph is quite valuable or has a sentimental feeling, the glass that is considered for framing would matter a lot. There are different kinds of glasses that are used by photograph framing companies. The glass chosen would make a big difference in the longevity of the artwork. Make sure the company you choose for your photograph framing services values your sentiments by offering the glass that would be the best fit for you.

When all these elements are met, it can be said that we have come to the end of a fruitful picture framing journey. No picture framing can be at its best without amalgamation of these three elements.


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