Some Important Facts About Chinese Medicine You probably Didn’t Know

If you look back to the history of Chinese medicine, you will find it has been practiced for more than four thousand years. It is considered to be older than the treatment process of acupuncture. It can heal the body and make the body balanced. It has the ability of treating various diseases such as cold, flu, hormonal disorders, allergies, emotional imbalances and many others. It has become a common practice in the Western world for treating symptoms and diseases. There are in fact several practitioners of Chinese medicine in Northern Beaches.

However, it is important to note that Western herbalism as well as Chinese medicine is not the same. Western herbalism mainly treats diseases like runny nose, headaches, PMS, constipation and others whereas Chinese medicine treats the disease or symptom along with the pattern or constitution. The pattern consists of symptoms, signs, bodily constitution and emotional temperament. In Western herbalism single or group of herbs may be consumed. But they are not that powerful as Chinese herbal medicine. In Chinese medicine six to eighteen herbs work synergistically for addressing the symptoms and your constitution.

Chinese herbs are actually made from different vegetable sources such as seeds, flowers, stems, twigs, tubers, roots, barks and rhizomes. The practitioners usually use these ingredients as well as ingredients from mineral and animal kingdom for making their herbs. These herbs are available in Chinese ‘materia medica’. They are known to be ‘Chinese’ because they are usually prescribed as per Chinese medical theory.

Chinese medicine would generally not have any side effect. The body basically recognized the herbs as their food and thus assimilates the healing substances in a smooth way. However, this does not mean you may not experience any kind of discomfort while ingesting them. In any case, chances of such situation are very low. Most of the herbs have low toxicity in comparison to the Western drugs. If given as per right diagnosis pattern, no side effects must be experienced, only good healing results. Sometimes allergic reactions may happen but chances are very rare even though if you’re sensitive. Still, if you have any kind of problem, you need to immediately get in touch with your Chinese medicine practitioner in Northern Beaches.

Chinese herbal medicine can prove to be very effective if taken with soup or tea. Results are often seen within 14 days. However, people suffering from chronic conditions will not see results such fast. It would take a bit longer.



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