How Does Acupuncture Help With Pain Relief?

Did you ever have needle therapy? If no, then you need to know that it is a form of traditional Chinese treatment which is enjoying immense attention in today’s world.

The results of comprehensive studies around the globe regarding the effectiveness of this treatment has shown that a person suffering from chronic pain like migraines, back pain or arthritis, is likely to benefit from acupuncture treatment.

A staggeringly growing number of people are using this form of treatment for various ailments. This treatment is based upon the theory of manipulating Qi (the Chinese term for body’s life force or energy), thereby acting as a medication for pain relief. Acupuncture’s popularity is booming and that is for obvious reasons.

Does this treatment involve pain?

Professionals affirm that there is nothing to worry as the treatment of acupuncture does not involve pain. Most people have reported that during their sessions of treatment, they have never felt pain.

However, you might experience a slight pain at the site of the needle insertion.
You might also feel a tingling sensation which is due to the Qi being transferred to every part of your body.

What are the things to expect?

Always ensure that you open up in front of your acupuncturist, so that he/she understands what kind of trouble you are in. Even if you are under any medication while paying a visit to such a professionals, make sure to mention the medication.

After the acupuncturist have made all the understandings clear, he/she will want to insert very thin and flexible needles through your skin on various [parts of your body in order to get the stagnant Qi moving.

An average acupuncture treatment lasts about 20 minutes depending on the patient and his/her ailment. Some people get their energy back after a session of acupuncture while others report of relaxed and peaceful feeling.

How to find an acupuncturist?

It is very important to find a qualified professional with experience and appropriate certifications. All provinces do not require a license to practice acupuncture and how the certifications are issued, varies widely depending on the province. Some reputed acupuncturists from Northern Beaches have some great success stories and have won the trust.


If you are interested to get some traditional help, then make sure to search online and make the right choice.



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