A Brief Guide on the Fundamentals of Interdental Brushes

Cleaning around the gums and within the teeth is significant if you’re keen on maintaining oral hygiene. Though many individuals use floss but the interdental brushes provide a practical, easy alternative. According to studies, interdental brushing is effectual when it comes to removing plaque as compared to flossing. These brushes provide best outcomes when used in proper conjunction with normal brushing.

Note on Interdental Brushes

Usually round, thin or cone-shaped, the brushes have tiny head with bristles that are held on by the wire. The brushes usually have shaped handle to make gripping comparatively easier while the others have quite long handles that are similar to the toothbrushes. These brushes are designed exclusively to be inserted within the teeth gently.

Interdental brushes usually come in varied sizes. Thus, make sure to opt for the one, which fits within your teeth comfortably without forcing. You can reuse it several times but it must be rinsed like the normal toothbrush. It is for you to know that the brushes must be replaced when bristles are worn or else wire is bent.

Why might benefit from these brushes?

  • Individuals with limited mobility

    People with limited mobility or the ones suffering from joint problems may find these brushes easier to use as compared to the floss. These brushes can be the best option for elderly individuals. What you need to know is, the products can help in cleaning the spaces within gums, bridges, dentures and implants.

  • People with braces

    Flossing isn’t possible for individuals with fixed braces. However, the interdental brushes can be immensely useful in removing plaque and food within teeth around the edges.

  • People who have spaces within teeth

    If you have visible gaps within your teeth, proper cleaning can become difficult with floss. In such cases, brushes are effectual in the removal of food debris and plaque.

Anyone who isn’t much fond of flossing have the option of using these brushes. However, to get the best interdental brush, you need to rely on the right store. Though it can be daunting to choose one from the myriad of options, you must look for a store that has few years of experience and has earned positive reputation for providing high-quality products at best rates. However, when selecting the brush, you must consider its functionality along with the price.


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