How Acupuncture Help Babies With Colic?

Crying of babies with colic can be treated with acupuncture. Although it is harmless, still a baby suffering from colic seems to be in distress and frustrating. There are several reasons for colic like it may be due to indigestion, trapped wind or a gut which is sensitive to powdered milk or breast.

Role Of Acupuncture

Scientists from Lund University research with three groups of babies, two groups amongst the three were given acupuncture treatment while the third group received no acupuncture treatment.

They inserted a needle to a depth of 3mm for a few seconds in the first group, and for the second group, they inserted five needles for 30 seconds. They conducted the experiment twice a week for consecutive two weeks and asked their parents to keep a detailed record on how long they cried during this time. Scientists found that babies receiving acupuncture showed better results, acupuncture helps to reduce their crying at a slightly faster rate.

Besides acupuncture treatment, parents should adopt certain techniques that may help those babies with colic. These include-

  • Prevent your baby from swallowing air, you can do it by sitting or holding them upright at the time of feeding
  • Bathe your baby in warm water
  • Burp up your baby in a warm water
  • Hold your baby during a crying episode
  • Rocking your baby over your shoulder
  • Massage your baby’s tummy gently

Also, the mother of the baby must avoid drinking caffeine drinks and spicy foods if those mothers are breastfeeding. Try to eliminate cow’s milk from the baby’s diet, even if a mother is breastfeeding, she should also avoid drinking cow milk. In this way, babies with colic can be treated. If possible, you can bring in changes in baby’s diet, add drops to breast or bottle milk that will help in digestion and release any bubbles of trapped air in the digestive system of the baby.

10% to 20% of the families who have struggled with infantile colic shows improvement by regular acupuncture treatment. Sticking babies with sharp objects may seem to be unpleasant however, everybody should be aware of the benefits. The needle used for acupuncture uses relatively smaller gauge so they are likely to cause little discomfort and damage. For babies and children, generally milder needles and fewer needles are used and those needles are inserted for shorter periods of time.

Acupuncture shows great impacts on babies. Parents report that they get significant benefits from the acupuncture treatment, their babies suffering from colic previously are now laughing, playing, enjoying and having fun.


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