Latest Colour Trends For Kitchen And Interior Design

Looking for a perfect colour combination for your kitchen and interior design? Go through the guideline and know all the latest colour trends to decorate your kitchen and interiors. 

You can choose classic gold colour along with brown and organics, you can select a vibrant colour or any dark colour scheme, select the one which suits your personal taste.

You must be probably thinking about the final layout design and the colour of your kitchen cabinet, kitchen ceilings and floors and walls. There are thousands of colour combination to choose from, but which colour will suit you and your room. You may choose a colour that suits your personal taste or you may get inspirations from others.

This guideline will provide you with a list of trending colours ranging from luxurious golds and browns to more playful colour clashing. Pick the one which will suit your kitchen and the interior design the best.

Luxurious Gold, Browns and Organics

Golds have been in the trend for a while however, you can combine them with brown and other organic materials and can make an amazing blend that will change the look and the value of the kitchen.

Combining usage of the golds, neutrals and organic textures give a feel of the warm environment with a slightly old school feel. This warm interior design texture can easily adapt to any other colour or design, and it is best suited for the kitchen interiors.

Kitchen With Organic, Gold, Brown Colours

Vibrant Colour Schemes

Vibrant colour schemes in kitchen interiors have become quite popular in recent times. Usage of appropriate colour is extremely important as it reflects the personalities of the homeowners as well as their needs. For example, the cooking space must contain light and a bright, however, the space allocated for entertaining purposes must have a dark essence, and this colour combination will offer a suitable ambience.

Vibrant Colour Schemes For Kitchen

Colour Clashing

Colour clashing is one of the latest trends this year. And the colour clashing associates clashing of complementary colours like the lilac, lime green, bubblegum pink and mustard yellow to create a bright and a beautiful setting with plenty of inspiration both in terms of colours and saturation. However, you can think differently, you decorate your interiors with colour-clashing furniture and can keep the floors and walls neutral. You can go for this look now, but in future, if you desire for some bold look, you can paint your home walls with vibrant colours.

Colour Clashing for interiors

Dark Colours

Dark greys, dark blues and forest greens are getting popular day by day. People are going for all these colours for kitchen and interior designs. For someone who loves the lilac trend but is not brave enough to go for the colour, he or she can choose the plum shades. If you wish you can also use darker shades paired with brass, this is another trending colour this year.

Interior With Dark Background


This is the list of the latest trending colours used to paint kitchens and interiors. Pick out your favourite colour and design and consult with an interior design expert. You can find several interior design professionals in Perth, select the one according to your preference.


Below are some of the best kitchen designs of 2018.

Kitchen Designs From Arena Interiors
Some Of The Best Kitchen Designs (Created by

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